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Explosion Gift Box with Compartments

The act of giving a gift should be more than just the gift itself, it should be a special moment. It's about the memories you make and the memories you keep.

Our explosion boxes provide a memorable way to present your gifts and a sentimental way to keep your memories. The box structure means the sides fold out as the lid is removed, creating an effect like a flower opening, and revealing the main inner compartment.

Each side of the box that folds out has a hidden compartment within for additional gifts, memories, sweet treats, and whatever else you want to make this gift experience even more personal and memorable.

All of the surfaces of the box can be personalised with the free white marker provided with the product, and we encourage customers to get creative with accessories such as photos, ribbons, box jewelery, or event LED lighting inside the box.

All of the visible surfaces are unbranded in order for you to make the gift box as personal as you need.




Additional customisations can be made on request such as colouring, material type. Please enquire for more details.

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